About Me


Hello, My name is Talha Khawaja, I am glad you landed on this page. My goal is to give nothing but positive vibes from my images. I am a current student at The University of Houston and on the side, I like to do photography. I am very passionate about the art. Whether it be from the air or the ground or it being landscape to weddings. I am interested in all sorts of work. My main goal is to shoot landscapes to show the beautiful world we live in. The inspiration of famous photos opened a new hobby and passion inside me that I want to be able to capture memories and show the world what I see through my eyes.Over the course of time, I finally took the initiative and bought my very first professional camera. I had chosen the Sony Alpha a7RII, and I have never looked back. There are so many online resources I have read and studied over time, and all self-taught myself to capture, edit, and work with what I have. I have learned various techniques and different styles to create content, and I strive to get better each and every day.  I hope I can meet with you and be able to capture your special moments in life. I would like to get to know you. For inquiries email me or if you have any questions at all. I hope you enjoy my work!

Contact: takhawaja90@gmail.com